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The creativity of the packaging development centers at Rondo-Pak, Dividella, and MediSeal form the basis for your packaging solutions. Joint development by Rondo-Pak, Dividella, and MediSeal ensures that our pharmaceutical packaging products combine a high degree of functionality and maximum productivity. Exploit the synergies of a strong group and benefit from economically advantageous packaging solutions for your production!

Rondo-Pak belongs to the Medipak Systems Group, which brings together decades of know-how in the production of pharmaceutical packaging material and modern machine construction, in order to develop customer oriented packaging solutions.

Rondo-Pak, a specialist in paperboard printing and processing, develops package solutions which can be filled to perfection on Dividella’s modular packaging machines.

The system packs developed by Rondo-Pak, Dividella, and MediSeal are erected on packaging lines from supplied flat blanks, then filled and provided with a tamper-evident seal.

We are able to cover the entire life-cycle of a folding carton product: from the initial sample, through the launch phase with fully erected, glued NeoTop boxes with flute blanks, to providing the customer with folding lids and blanks, supplied in flat form, for the Dividella line.

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Packaging Development Systems